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Connect Consultancy Services (CCS) is a dynamic and pro-active company that works on projects for mainly the energy-sector in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). CCS carries out a variety of work, from sales support to marketing and consulting for high profile manufacturers and customers.

Our main activity is connecting the people, who have a requirement for technical expertise, to people, who have the capabilities and the technical expertise : Connect Consultancy Services.

CCS strengths are :

  • independant
  • flexible
  • effective
  • thinking in architectures and functional blocks
  • operating from Frankfurt am Main, (financial) heart of Europe

CCS has influential contacts on technical and executive level of the various oil and gas companies operating in the above mentioned area, who are currently working for or have retired from these companies.

We have contacts to many strategic manufacturers who also operate in the mentioned regions.

In addition, we can supply a package of sales activities equal to an agent operating in a target area.